SPA & Massage

For a perfect chillout experience we have a large 25mtr x 5mtr indoor pool carved into the natural rock, as well as modern Spa facilities if pampering is part of your holiday plan. We have a range of massages, manicures and pedicures, all by experienced staff. There is also a traditional Turkish Bath, sauna, steam room and gym facilities.

If you experience nothing else whilst in Turkey, try a Turkish Bath with a massage of your choice, which we recommend for anyone who is a sun worshipper, as this prepares your skin ready for that all important tan.

Dream Wellness SPA

Turkish Bath30 min£30
Slimness Metamorphosis45 min£50
Foam Massage20 min£20
Sultan Massages60 min£60
Honey Massage45 min£45
Chocolate Massage45 min£45
Face Massage20 min£20
Active Contour (eye)30 min£30
Express Facial30 min£30
Classical Face Care60 min£50
Hydro Optimal Care (skin)60 min£75
Collagen Intensive60 min£75
Detox For Men Special60 min£75
SPA Manicure45 min£30
SPA Pedicure60 min£40
Deluxe Manicure60 min£60
Deluxe Pedicure60 min£60


Foot Bath30 min£35
Slimness Worship60 min£60
Ayurveda Sea Salt Glow20 min£35
Delicious Scrub30 min£35
Coffee Peeling30 min£35
Mineral Enchantment75 min£70
Velvet Skin Miracle75 min£70
Anti-Cellulite Care75 min£80
Chocolate Dream75 min£70
Cleopatra’s Milk Body Care60 min£80

Massages / Wraps

Relax Massage30 min£30
Classic Swedish Massage60 min£45
Sport Massage45 min£45
Focus Zone Massage30 min£35
Anti-Cellulite Massage30 min£35
Hot Stone Massage60 min£60
Reflexology30 min£35
Indian Head Massage45 min£45
Aromatherapy60 min£50
Hot Olive Oil Massage60 min£60
Orient Essences Ceremony60 min£60
Cacao Oil Massage60 min£50
Seaweed Massage60 min£50
Bali Massage (60min)60 min£60
Bali Massage (90min)90 min£85
Bali Massage (120min)120 min£110
Thai Massage (60min)60 min£60
Thai Massage (90min)90 min£85
Thai Massage (120min)120 min£110
Shiatsu Massage60 min£60
Seaweed Wrap30 min£40
Slimming Wrap With Seaweed75 min£70
Slimming Wrap With Mud75 min£70